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        New version: 2.1.2 released

        written 4723 days ago

        Last night, POG was updated to 2.1.2, which has some nice improvements over 2.1.0 & 2.1.1. Release 2.1.0 addressed some shortcomings that Setup previously had regarding related/connected objects. 2.1.2, yesterday’s release, addressed a bug identified as well as improved the rendering of connected objects.

        Rendering – the old way
        In 2.1.0 & 2.1.1, POG setup did not render connected objects fully. i.e. only the non parent/child attributes were rendered.

        Rendering – the new way
        In 2.1.2, POG setup now renders connected objects fully and gives a true hierarchical view of connected objects. For e.g. if you have an Author object who has many Books, Setup now displays BookList as a clickable node attribute. When expanded, setup renders all book objects and attributes. The following is a screenshot example of how Setup renders parent/children.

        The major bug fix made concerned automatic table alignment and connected objects. Previously, the bug caused some object relations to be ‘lost’ each time setup is ran because the parents/children column were being dropped and recreated under certain circumstances. This has now been fixed.

        Other improvements
        Other improvements include – Prevent timeout/max execution time issue when dealing with a large number of objects during Setup and Update – Added circular progress indicator in a few places – Fixed a few setup glitches here and there.

        Hope this gives an overview of what has been improved in the latest version. You can always download and take a look at the source code.

        Next expected release is now 2.2.0 which will finally introduce many-many relations.

        The setup_factory (or my idea of how to setup POG) seems to be all whacked out in the 2.1.2 release (SVN).

        Trying to run setup_factory/setup.php OR setup.php4.php is a fall down. Additionally, seems the later is looking for non-existant files. (Warning: main(setup_library/authentication.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory).. I’ll change the path to setup_files and kick it around a bit, but I thought you guys may want to know.

        I used: http://subversion.phpobjectgenerator.com/svn/repository/pog

        More info if you request it.

        Thanks for all the hard work.

        trip    Aug 25, 11:59 AM    #

        Indeed, you seem to be confused between the setup_factory (which you shouldn’t really be dealing with) and Setup.

        Only download the code from the SVN directory if you want to install a copy of the Generator on your local machine or on your server. This is only if you don’t want to access www.7795196.com to generate objects.

        On the other hand, setup is generated along when you generate PHP objects. These introductory videos may help.

        PogGuys    Aug 28, 04:28 PM    #

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