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        Suggest a feature

        written 4539 days ago

        We’re currently looking for feature suggestions for version 3.0. Please let us know on this thread of our forum. The thread mentions some of the current ideas we’re exploring, such as:

        -> address performance issues w/ and w/o encoding
        -> plugin architecture + sample plugins
        -> allow encoding on a field level (instead of project level)
        -> simple data integrity checks
        -> code cleanup
        -> compliance with strict mode in PHP5/MySQL5

        We’d love to hear your ideas, so let us know as soon as you can what you think POG is missing and how we can improve it.

        Relationships whose name is independent from the target class?

        l0ne    Jan 20, 10:06 PM    #

        Your application is very very nice !
        Thanks to you, i dev my PHP classes in 5minuts :D

        I have a suggestion of feature: You could add the generation of UML and Merise Diagrams for class diagram and Database diagram. It’s very usefull when we have to do a report.


        DJo    Jan 24, 08:39 PM    #

        Hi, PHP Object Generator doesn’t seem to recognize NVARCHAR as being a text type… is there any possibility of this being fixed soon? I’d really like to make my project internationalizable.

        Also if I’m just missing something, please let me know.

        James Schend    May 6, 01:15 PM    #

        Looks like I spoke too soon; it’s not PHP Object Generator at fault, but MySQL. Sorry, I’m too used to MS SQL I guess.

        James Schend    May 6, 01:21 PM    #

        I miss the possibility to move the attributes up and down.

        Bertram Simon    May 25, 07:27 AM    #

        Press the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard to move the attributes up and down. This is one of the ‘hidden’ power features of the generator ;)

        POG Guys    May 25, 07:47 AM    #

        Hi, how would I use the mysql syntax of IN? Like

        ‘SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE columname IN (1,2,3,4,5,6)’

        This is good for many reasons.


        Chris Chaudruc    May 27, 09:39 AM    #

        Hello, congratulations for this tool, it’s awesome.

        I find that the only problem of the tool is the automatic creation of ID. When already we have a ready data base this very confuses therefore the name of the fields nor always are same that the generated ones for the tool. I find that I must have the option of being able to choose to generate id automatic or not.

        daniel    Jun 28, 04:36 AM    #

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