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        Evolution of a cube

        written 4448 days ago

        Over the years, Jonathan, our talented designer, played wnd tweaked the POG logo to represent the POG features, as they evolved.

        When it started about 2 years ago, Jon was assigned the task of designing a logo for what was then, a rather crude code generator. How do you faithfully represent something as basic as a generator, yet make it visually appealing? This was the first iteration:

        php code generator

        Simple and to the point. We decided to use it on our frontpage. The hand-drawn look illustrates exactly the raw/undeveloped state in which the PHP objects currently are when they are being defined by the user.

        We then needed a variation of this idea for Page 2, when the objects have been generated. Jon came up with a ‘golden’ look for the cube. The generated code is as good as Gold, he reasoned. We decided he was right.

        PHP code generator - What is POG?

        Then came the time to design some other variations of the cube for our Setup process. Once again, the design was simple and elegant.

        PHP code generator - What is POG Setup?

        Now, as we get ready to release version 3, we wanted to tweak the logo a bit more so that it reflects more accurately what we’re trying to achieve:

        1. Flexibility
        2. Speed and
        3. Simplicity

        And the result is:

        php code generator 3

        I personally think that once again, Jon was able to capture what this next version of POG is all about and translate it to something as simple as a cube. To him, I say thanks once again for a job well done. Questions, Comments? Talk to us

        a further modification to the latest design might be to somehow incorporate the name POG in the design. This could be achieved by left vertical face having a smaller loop that represents the P, the top horizontal face would be the O, and a simple horizontal line coming in at the endpoint of the right vertical face would be the G.

        justin opitz    Mar 20, 01:31 AM    #

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        This is a weblog about the Php Object Generator (POG) project, OO PHP, databases and Php code generators in general.

        Php Object Generator, (POG) is an open source PHP code generator which automatically generates clean & tested Object Oriented code for your PHP4/PHP5 application.

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