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        Using POG to solve real world problems

        written 5057 days ago

        Web application programming often involves designing interesting solutions for real world problems such as creating an elegant and flexible publishing system from the ground up. Textpattern is a wonderful example. However, often, programmers are asked to solve boring solutions such as implementing a feedback/survey form for an existing website. The annoying part of this task is that the programmer has probably designed and implemented many similar solutions in the past, but cannot really reuse the code because each time, there is a slight difference in the requirements, which means that the database tables and php code would have to be different as well.

        Php Object Generator helps the programmer solve these annoying tasks fast, so that he/she can concentrate on bigger and hopefully, more interesting ones. For example, let’s say you want to create a feedback/email form using Php Object Generator. You’re given the following data that you need to capture:

        First name: Textfield (Varchar255)
        Last name: Textfield (Varchar255)
        Email address: Textfield (Varchar255)
        Street Address: Textfield (Varchar255)
        City: Textfield (Varchar255)
        State/Province: Dropdown list (Varchar255)
        Country: Dropdown list (Varchar255)

        To generate the code for this simple web form, fill in the POG form as follows (Note: only 3 object attributes have been filled for demonstration):

        click submit and download the generated code:

        extract the content of the zip file into a directory and rename the object file. POG automatically sets the filename to a timestamp to avoid confusion:

        include all 3 files generated into your project:

        Use the class to save, retrieve, update the objects to the database.

        This should give you a head start in any php project you undertake since it saves you the pain of having to write SQL queries for all objects and it also saves you from having to test your base code. Happy coding!

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        This is a weblog about the Php Object Generator (POG) project, OO PHP, databases and Php code generators in general.

        Php Object Generator, (POG) is an open source PHP code generator which automatically generates clean & tested Object Oriented code for your PHP4/PHP5 application.

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